About Me

Hello there!

What is my name?

My name is Andy (female)

Where do I live?

  • My partner and I, moved in Northern Ireland from Greece more than three years ago. Northern Ireland is a beautiful place and I honestly love the weather here! 

What do I study?

  • I study Interior Design at Ulster University, Belfast. As long As I remember my self I loved fashion and design in all forms and shapes. 

Why I started blogging?

  • When I created this blog, I had named it "Diary of schizophrenic fashion addict", and I gave that name because back then I was still trying to find my style and my self, I was against everything especially against the rules in fashion, in style, in behaviour but on the other hand I loved some of the rules, this is where the "schizophrenic" went. I wanted to express my feelings about this crazy world. Anyhow, I grow up, and it was time for a change, I had change so my blog had to change too. And then one day I changed the name to "Gold and White Life".

What's  the meaning of  "Gold and White Life"?

  • There is a reason for that name. Life, every form of life is precious like the "Gold" but also Life is pure, innocent, beautiful like a "White" light.

But, what "Gold and White Life" is all about?

  • Still "Gold and White Life" is a place where I can express my self, where I can share my experiences with other people, where I can share tips, DIY projects, reviews and whatever comes in my mind.
How can you contact me?

  • by leaving a comment.