Thursday, 24 September 2015

Big Changes are coming...

Hello everybody!
I know I haven't been blogging for so long. But there are many reasons for that, first of all I was in Greece for a month without a laptop... I didn't have much fun, as my partner and I went there not for vacations but to do some necessary "chores" which I'll write about in an other post. After that my macbook pro stopped working and I had to wait to buy a new one... I now have a new one and I'm more serious regarding blogging, which means that I had to remove old posts where I used photographs and pictures without permission. 
Also I'm considering to go self hosting next months with a new template and stuff. I'm not sure if I want to transfer this blog or to go for a clean start. I would like my blog to be about my work in Interior Design, products reviews, travelling, interior Tips and maybe some DIY projects. 
And for that reason I'll probably take a break from this blog as I want to research all my options and how the self-hosting thing works... If you have any tip regarding self hosting, or where can I buy templates, or how blog platform work etc your wisdom is welcome!

Thank you!

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

One week to London

Chiswick Business Park

Last week I visited a friend in London and I spent a week there. To be honest I don't really like London, it's a big, chaotic, loud city and I prefer something more quite like for example Belfast. We (my friend Athena and I), didn't go out much, we stayed home and had loooong conversations regarding relationships, psychology, self-esteem etc... It was nice and relaxed and I think I needed as mush as she did. We only went out once (or twice I'm not sure) just for light shopping, I needed some summery clothes for my trip to Greece. When I moved to Belfast to be with my partner I didn't bring any summery clothes with me,  the weather here is just amazing not too hot or cold, and thankfully I don't need too summery clothes, but in Greece with the 45 degrees you need to wear almost nothing if you want to survive the heat. Anyways, as you can see from the photo I visited the Chiswick Business Park, which was an hour and and a half away by bus from where I was staying. It happened my friend Cathrine from Athena, to be there for two weeks training! I hadn't seen her since I moved to Belfast more than three years ago! It was a pleasant surprise, the only downfall was that Cathrine had an infection in her eye and I went to the clinic with her, (she is now much better). 
So one day I went to Chiswick Business Park to meet her and we went for coffee and dinner. The important info here is that this Park is an amazing place! There is an artificial lake, with ducks and fishes. There is this waterfall, a bridge, a place for games, green trees everywhere and an amazing architecture! I would love to work in a such place.

In conclusion, it was overall a nice experience, I was with friends and we had a great time! Now next week we are going to Greece, the situation there is horrible. Also I won't take my macbook with me because it's almost dead, my HDD is corrupted, my graphic card (chip) is damaged and it keeps freezing regularly and especially when I moving it. So, I don't know when I'll be able to post anything  new but I'll try my best...


Thursday, 11 June 2015

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick Review

A photo posted by Andy (@andyathan) on

Love this Lipstick, I don't usually wear lipstick or lip-gloss, but since I had a sample of this lipstick on my hands and tried it, I fell in love with it. Its dark rose colour and the soft texture make it perfect for every season.
Also I noticed how different a woman looks when she wears a lipstick with colour!
For example look at my picture before I apply the lipstick:
Even if I don't have a lipstick on my lips I could have apply some light rose or nude coloured lipstick, but when I applied the lipstick my whole face changes!

I strongly believe that this colour (No 9, rose stiletto) brings life to my face, as the before it's more plane and blank! The only con is that it wears off easily but maybe that is because I don't know all the secrets on how to perfectly apply a lipstick yet!
Hope you like it and if you have any suggestion/tip on how to make it last longer plz share it with me! 

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Wednesday, 10 June 2015


CHANEL, SUBLIME DE CHANEL Waterproof Length Curl Mascara 
CHANEL BEAUTÉ DES CILS Nourishing Mascara Base

First I use the Ted Baker eyelashes curler only in my right eye (at the left as it appears in the photo), to show the differences.  

After thar I applied the Chanel base mascara only on my right eye (left eye in the photo),
next I applied the Chanel mascara to right eye.
and then (third photo) to my left eye.
The last photo is after two coats of mascara.

So do you notice any differences? It is hard to say, maybe with the mascara base the eyelashes looks more thicker? Dunno, but this mascara lifts up the eyelashes even if you don't use the curler.
Other than that it is an average mascara, my previous Sumptuous mascara by  Estee Lauder it was much better.

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CHANEL, Poudre Universelle Libre Loose Powder Review

Before I apply the powder.

Now, as I said on my previous post (Dior BB cream + Dior Concealer Review) I'll write a review for the Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre Loose Powder.
Before I write my impressions I wanted to say that my previous face powder was a Bourjois compact powder with scent of roses which I loved, I wouldn't change it for anything and also it wasn't very expensive. But unfortunately I couldn't find this powder in the UK and I had to find something else. so after I looked up to several powder reviews I decided to use this one....

No 22, Rose Clair
I love it! It gives a glow, a freshness and a natural look which I also love! The truth is that even when I'm bored and I don't want to apply BB cream and Concealer, this Powder works perfectly. It lasts almost a full day, the texture is nice and also the scent. 
Now that I've the pros let me say the cons, first of all it is an expensive powder, (maybe you pay for what you bought?) and also I would like it to have one more lid to cover the holes, cause if you turn it up side down all the powder falls out. Other than that I think it's a fairly good powder...

Next post Chanel Mascara

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Dior BB cream + Dior concealer, Diorskin Review

Hello everybody!
Today I decided to finally write a review for the beauty products I bought (some were gifts from my partner) months ago, take a look at the list here...

I have to admit it! I'm not a beauty expert, I don't know much regarding make up, eye shadows, lipstick, foundations and all that stuff... But what I expect from my beauty products is to give me a natural look! So for that reason I don't use eye shadows, eyebrows pencils, or bronzes or lips pencils etc. (to be honest I have no idea how to call most of the beauty products).

Anyway, as I was saying, I want a natural look, and I believe that the products I use attaining that look!

So after watching dozens video tutorials on youtube, I gained a basic knowledge on how to apply BB cream, concealer and all the other stuff. 

Here is a before Picture:
                                              I know, I look like I'm ill or something.

  • First I apply the Diorskin Nude BB cream No 002, I've noticed that it doesn't provide a full coverage like a foundation, but personally I find the result satisfactory. The texture is very nice, not very heavy  or too light.  

As you can see, there is a difference, maybe some people want more coverage like a mask or something but that wouldn't be a natural look.

  • After that I apply the  Dior Diorskin Nude Hydrating concealer No 001. I love this concealer and I don't know why! It is similar to BB cream, not full coverage, nice texture, neutral scent. But for some reason both these products provide a glow and a freshness and that is what I LOVE.  

In conclusion I would say that if you don't need full coverage and you like a natural look, these products are the best! I know they are a bit expensive but personally I wouldn't like to put in my face a very cheap product as I have very sensitive skin. Also I have a combination skin type, a predisposition to acne and I need to be extra careful of the ingredients in all the beauty products I use, wrong ingredient and I'll be full of pimples and zits...

Anyway next post will be a review on the Chanel loose powder

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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Happy New Year! 2014 is finally over....


First of all happy new year!

Second of all, you can't imagine how happy I am that 2014 is over!
I should have written sooner but due to difficult circumstances I couldn't write, but let's take everything from the beginning...
In my last post (not the one with the recipe, the previous one) I was happy that September had come, after all, it is the month of my birthday! But unfortunately from the 1st of September until several days ago everything was going wrong!
I really don't know where to begin.... 

1st of September a light bulb burned out, my macbook stopped working, waters started to run from the wall. After several days, one of my teeth broke, an other one was hurting ( I had to change dentist). And then university started and I was depressed. My first project was a group one, I hate those projects. In the group we were 4 people, I was the only one from the foundation year. Anyway the group was just a disaster, I felt racism, and discrimination, like they didn't want me in their team. They didn't speak or talk to me, and when I was asking a question the answer they gave me was different of what they were doing! I'm sorry, I know my english aren't very well but still i can understand when someone is telling me "we are going to do the presentation in lunchtime" and by lunchtime they disappear and nobody cares about this f@£$@g presentation!
So yeah, I was  very stressed and depressed. 
After the project was over I started to recover, but I was fool to believe that was the end... By this project October was over, when suddenly on 1st on November someone set a fire to our backyard door! We called the fire brigade and we thought that this was a random incident.

You can see the fire;/
But before that we had an unwelcome visitor a rat...

Anyway, after few days I went to Glasgow, it was an one day educational visit to few places there! It was a DISASTER! No organisation at all! Some of the students went there from the previous day and the next day couldn't come to the visits due to hangover! ffs!
People were missing, we didn't have time schedule, it was awful! And when we had to go back to the airport, we didn't have enough time, so most of the people took a cab and the rest of us we had to take the underground and then the bus to the airport! The problem was that they were running and I couldn't! I didn't have eat anything all day (there was no time for that), and I don't have the physical strength, so i couldn't follow them.  We were somewhere near BBC Scotland with limited lighting, empty roads, no residential buildings and I was walking as fast as I could to catch up with the rest of the group. I was alone in the dark, in a unknown city, without knowing where to go... Any way finally I found the group, but I was feeling my body shutting down, I couldn't breath or feel my legs, my face was burning.... Anyway after that I couldn't fully recover. I couldn't go to classes as much as I wanted, then I started a diet and after that I felt a fatigue... Anyhow, I feel a little bit better now....
10 days after I returned from Glasgow we had one more incident, someone threw a brick from the back alley towards our house and the result:

A broken window.......

One good thing happened I bought a new phone! an iPhone 6. But my happiness didn't last long :P

I have a new screen now! 

Back at the university the situation wasn't getting better, and I think still isn't. There are some girls with an attitude of a Lord or smth.... I'm trying to be friendly but i receive only some cold "hellos". And i just wonder why? Is it because I'm foreigner or because I'm 7-8 years older than most of them? 
I really don't know but I feel so bad and sad every time I'm in the studio which makes me want to leave. I don't like the environment. everything are cold, messy, chaotic and I can't think clear in there! 

And the Christmas came, and the new year's eve. I'm tired of writing all the bad things that happened, so I'm not going to write anything about holidays... 
The good outcome, despite the negativity some people had those days, is that we made two new friends! 

Also we (my partner and I) are traveling to Stuttgart next week to see my sister and my parents (which I haven't seen the last 2.5 years)!

I wish 2015 everything go better....

Hope you enjoyed your holidays and excuse any mistakes you saw, it's too late and my brain can't operate properly...