Wednesday, 25 June 2014

DIY: Cast Iron Bird Door stop painted Gold.

When we moved to this house, we had a problem, none of the doors could stay open! 
Therefore we had to buy door stops! My partner didn't care about style, so he bought some IKEA door stops for his office's door and for our bedroom's door. But I wasn't going to compromise for my studio's door and I had to find the best door stop!

In the begging I wanted to buy one of these:

skull                                                                                              bird

But after that I wanted to buy Mulberry's door stop
The problem with mulberry's door stop is that we have high humidity in the house and I was afraid that the fabric of this door stop would gather all the humidity and it would be smelly after a while.

So I had to find something else, and I found it in a Home Bargains store! 
It was a Cast Iron Bird, which was ugly but had potentials...

So here it is! 
(The "before" photo is from web, I forgot to take a photo of my door stop before I painted it, but they are almost the same)

I painted gold and the after it's much better than the before..

Hope you like it.


Tuesday, 24 June 2014

HBO Game of Thrones Exhibition 2014, Belfast

I really don't know how to start, I don't want to be fussy, but I can't help it.
It is obvious that I'm going to compare last year's exhibition (see photos here) with this year's!
So tell me how can I not be fussy when I am so disappointed?
But first things first.
This year the exhibition took place at Waterfront. Again, same as last year, people had to book tickets (which were again free). But the exhibition was SOLD out, 3-4 Hours after they opened the lines and I didn't book anything.

So after couple of days, I read on the internet that there was a queue! And of course I was very happy about it. In fact, I didn't want to go to the exhibition for me, but I wanted to go with my partner so he can see it too.
(last were, we had tickets, but the online system was faulty and gave us tickets for the morning and my partner couldn't leave his work. Of course we tried to change the time but there wasn't any other free time slot).
Anyway so we decided to go on Friday (we were thinking to go on Saturday), after my partner was off from work. And we did, thank god for that, next day (Saturday) they didn't have a queue!

The exhibition now wasn't as good as last year. This year, hey didn't exhibit many stuff from season 4, and I didn't find it very interesting. 
Here are some photos:


I thought it would be nice to play a little bit with the photo:P


Monday, 23 June 2014

From Helen's Bay to Bangor!

Last Sunday a friend, my partner and I, we decided to go for a walk. Yeah! I love walking! NOT!
But anyway, we took the train from Belfast and we stopped at Helen's bay, where we started walking until we reached Bangor, after 2 hours and something!
I wasn't prepared for something like that, it was too hot, the sun burned my face, I got tired... I know I'm a little bit of drama queen, but overall I enjoy it! It was amazing to watch all these people at the beach enjoying the sun and the good weather, children were running and playing, laughing, people sunbathing. I loved it but yes after two hours I just wanted to see Bangor and nothing else. Bangor is a very beautiful town, with shops, cafes, sea, nature, fun! I would love to live there tbh.
Here are some photos:

We started from Helen's bay.

People enjoying the sea and the sun.

Here I am! collecting shells!

I was very very very happy when I saw Bangor!


Thursday, 12 June 2014

DIY: An easy project to change something you don't like.

For a long time I was searching for something to put inside lighters, and place it on the coffee table. I didn't really knew what I wanted, you know I was looking around the shops every time to see something eye catching! and after a long long time I found it at Debenhams!

 here it IS!!!

I loved it and I bought it! BUT after I went home I realized that something was missing. It was beautiful I it was, but not exactly perfect. So i decided to painted gold.

So i took the lift top lid and cover it with masking take, I left the deer uncovered. I had bought a gold spray from B&Q, from some other projects (which I will post about them) and sprayed the deer with the paint!

and voila! 

                                                 Before                                        After

Really the after is much, much better. With this little touch, it changed completely and I love it even more! hope you like it...


Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Titanic Museum @Belfast

Probably many people have seen the movie "Titanic" I can't say I'm one of them. But despite the fact that I haven't see the movie, I had to go to the Titanic Museum in Belfast, and the reason is simple. I had to see how the exhibition was made, what "tools" they used. For example it was a classic museum with white walls and spacious? or it was dark?  did they use video, or sounds? or it was just images? I went to see the exhibition as an "Interior Designer", to get ideas and inspiration. Between us, I don't really care about titanic, it was a tragic accident of the past and that's the reason why I didn't want to go, until I had to. BUT the museum is amazing, sounds, videos, interactive projectors, models, images, and so much more things. I don't regret I went, I'm pleased, and believe me you should go, if you are in Belfast or anywhere in the whole island of Ireland. :D
Anyway, here are some photos, I took too many to post them all.

when you enter the exhibition you see how people were living when the Titanic was build. You will see stuff about the economy, jobs, products, etc

 But after that you will see how they managed to build it and also you will see how it was inside

 Here is me. Gazed the view