Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Stock up my make-up "bag"!

Alright honesty time!

I don't really have cosmetics/ beauty products. I only have some basics, for example a blush powder , eye pencils, my mascara ran out, and also my powder, I have a "lipstick like" concealer, which I don't use anymore and I would say that's all I have!

I was never really interested in make up, but now that I'm going to university for my main course I want to be like a proper lady!

So I searched on the internet for product reviews, my skin is very sensitive and I don't want to try any drugstore products. So I found some high-end products that I'm going to show you!

I'll probably buy them next week (the truth is that they'll be a gift from my partner, for my b-day!), and I'll tell you what I think...
so here are what I consider as "the basics":

Dior Diorskin Nude Hydrating Concealer £22.00

I had a sample of this Dior's BB cream and I loved it, so it's on my shopping list!
It is an amazing product, not heavy, not greasy,  good coverage, nice scent.

Diorskin Nude BB Cream £30.00



CHANEL BEAUTÉ DES CILS Nourishing Mascara Base, £25.00

CHANEL, SUBLIME DE CHANEL Waterproof Length Curl Mascara £25.00

CHANEL, ROUGE COCO BAUME Hydrating Conditioning Lip Balm £25.00

I've also had a sample of this lipstick no.09 and I love it! So yeah, it's on my shopping list too!
I tried one more lipstick from an other company but I didn't like it. YSL lipstick it's smoothy, and even if it wears off easily, you  can put a lip gloss on top and it seals it! I really love it!

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture £25.00 

Yves Saint Laurent Gloss Volupte Lip Gloss £21.00

And this is the last product I need to buy, an eyeliner. I don't know if you consider Max factor as a "drugstore" brand or "high-end", but due to my lack of experience I didn't want to buy something expensive. Therefore I decided to try this Max Factor's liquid eyeliner, which I read good reviews....

Max Factor Masterpiece Glide & Define Liquid Eye Liner £6.99

As I said before, my partner didn't know what to buy me for my b-day, so he asked me to do a list with what I want. I want an iPad tbh, but I'm not going to be a proper lady with an iPad only!
So I did my list (as you can see above), also on my list was an eyelash curler, which I bought last week...

Here it is!

It is the first time I tried an eyelash curler and this Ted Baker baby does what it says,
it's very effective and I really like it.... Also, i really like the package/box... :)

Oh, yes I forgot to mention that I bought some brushes from ebay! I read good reviews from make up experts and I decided to try them! I'll show you a photo when they will arrive!


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