Monday, 23 June 2014

From Helen's Bay to Bangor!

Last Sunday a friend, my partner and I, we decided to go for a walk. Yeah! I love walking! NOT!
But anyway, we took the train from Belfast and we stopped at Helen's bay, where we started walking until we reached Bangor, after 2 hours and something!
I wasn't prepared for something like that, it was too hot, the sun burned my face, I got tired... I know I'm a little bit of drama queen, but overall I enjoy it! It was amazing to watch all these people at the beach enjoying the sun and the good weather, children were running and playing, laughing, people sunbathing. I loved it but yes after two hours I just wanted to see Bangor and nothing else. Bangor is a very beautiful town, with shops, cafes, sea, nature, fun! I would love to live there tbh.
Here are some photos:

We started from Helen's bay.

People enjoying the sea and the sun.

Here I am! collecting shells!

I was very very very happy when I saw Bangor!


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