Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Titanic Museum @Belfast

Probably many people have seen the movie "Titanic" I can't say I'm one of them. But despite the fact that I haven't see the movie, I had to go to the Titanic Museum in Belfast, and the reason is simple. I had to see how the exhibition was made, what "tools" they used. For example it was a classic museum with white walls and spacious? or it was dark?  did they use video, or sounds? or it was just images? I went to see the exhibition as an "Interior Designer", to get ideas and inspiration. Between us, I don't really care about titanic, it was a tragic accident of the past and that's the reason why I didn't want to go, until I had to. BUT the museum is amazing, sounds, videos, interactive projectors, models, images, and so much more things. I don't regret I went, I'm pleased, and believe me you should go, if you are in Belfast or anywhere in the whole island of Ireland. :D
Anyway, here are some photos, I took too many to post them all.

when you enter the exhibition you see how people were living when the Titanic was build. You will see stuff about the economy, jobs, products, etc

 But after that you will see how they managed to build it and also you will see how it was inside

 Here is me. Gazed the view


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