Tuesday, 14 August 2012

DIY: Pringles can into a pencil holder

A very easy project!
I was need some pencil holders for my pencils, brushes, rulers etc...
i have some pringles cans and the an idea hit me, so i took action!
We cut the can in the middle or in whatever size we want...
after that we choose the decoration. 
i choose a magazine, but u can use glitter, fabric, watercolours, anything you like!
i don't like cosmo (i'm vogue lover:P) so i dint care to destroy it. 
next you have to search for a photo you like. 
if you want to make a cosmetic holder, you can use something like that.
i like fashion, that why i wanted to use some outfits.
I don't want heads, so i'm trying to see how it looks like 
i place the can behind the page, i didn't like this photo so i'm moving to next.
and yes i like this!
i'm cutting the page
here i want to see where exactly i'll cut the page, as i said i don't want the head.

 now i'll cut whatever is out of the can.

 and it's almost ready.
 i cut the margin
 and i glue the behind of my photo
 but as you can see the page doesn't fit exactly, so i need to use the remaning of the page to fill it

and it's ready!
hope you like it....
happy diy!

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