Saturday, 4 May 2013

DIY: Portfolio Projects

Here I'll show you the projects i did for my portfolio and also they are nice decorative items...

i used self hardened clay for the heads.

Wire, led lamps, battery,  clay, soldering iron for  the two eye-lamps.

wire, watercolour, soft transparent folder, and a rotating base
 For this project i used some wooden kebab sticks and clay.
I thought that it could be a very nice necklace or ring hanger.
and in the end my puppets, i used a dark green scarf, newspaper to fill the heads, acrylic paint, paper tape and patterns. (i don't remember where i found the patterns if someone knows the site plz let me know to add the source)

My dear friend Mary (onirocosmos)did this beautiful little thing that i asked her 
with resin and my hair.

and now you know what i was doing all those months, plus a lot of drawings of course....


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