Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Dior BB cream + Dior concealer, Diorskin Review

Hello everybody!
Today I decided to finally write a review for the beauty products I bought (some were gifts from my partner) months ago, take a look at the list here...

I have to admit it! I'm not a beauty expert, I don't know much regarding make up, eye shadows, lipstick, foundations and all that stuff... But what I expect from my beauty products is to give me a natural look! So for that reason I don't use eye shadows, eyebrows pencils, or bronzes or lips pencils etc. (to be honest I have no idea how to call most of the beauty products).

Anyway, as I was saying, I want a natural look, and I believe that the products I use attaining that look!

So after watching dozens video tutorials on youtube, I gained a basic knowledge on how to apply BB cream, concealer and all the other stuff. 

Here is a before Picture:
                                              I know, I look like I'm ill or something.

  • First I apply the Diorskin Nude BB cream No 002, I've noticed that it doesn't provide a full coverage like a foundation, but personally I find the result satisfactory. The texture is very nice, not very heavy  or too light.  

As you can see, there is a difference, maybe some people want more coverage like a mask or something but that wouldn't be a natural look.

  • After that I apply the  Dior Diorskin Nude Hydrating concealer No 001. I love this concealer and I don't know why! It is similar to BB cream, not full coverage, nice texture, neutral scent. But for some reason both these products provide a glow and a freshness and that is what I LOVE.  

In conclusion I would say that if you don't need full coverage and you like a natural look, these products are the best! I know they are a bit expensive but personally I wouldn't like to put in my face a very cheap product as I have very sensitive skin. Also I have a combination skin type, a predisposition to acne and I need to be extra careful of the ingredients in all the beauty products I use, wrong ingredient and I'll be full of pimples and zits...

Anyway next post will be a review on the Chanel loose powder

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