Wednesday, 25 June 2014

DIY: Cast Iron Bird Door stop painted Gold.

When we moved to this house, we had a problem, none of the doors could stay open! 
Therefore we had to buy door stops! My partner didn't care about style, so he bought some IKEA door stops for his office's door and for our bedroom's door. But I wasn't going to compromise for my studio's door and I had to find the best door stop!

In the begging I wanted to buy one of these:

skull                                                                                              bird

But after that I wanted to buy Mulberry's door stop
The problem with mulberry's door stop is that we have high humidity in the house and I was afraid that the fabric of this door stop would gather all the humidity and it would be smelly after a while.

So I had to find something else, and I found it in a Home Bargains store! 
It was a Cast Iron Bird, which was ugly but had potentials...

So here it is! 
(The "before" photo is from web, I forgot to take a photo of my door stop before I painted it, but they are almost the same)

I painted gold and the after it's much better than the before..

Hope you like it.


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