Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Helen's Bay, Northern Ireland

On the first semester, we went to Helen's Bay coast to create an installation ( see the wee review on semester 1  here), we were very very lucky to have an excellent weather! And of course I took the chance to take some photos from the nature around us! There are some macro photographs cause I LOVE to look everything in every detail.
Anyway, Helen's Bay is very beautiful, amazing place and I wish I could go again this summer to visit it and to gather more shells!
here are some photos:



Tiny Tang said...

These are such gorgeous photos! I dont know what they are but the green and white things look like jelly sweets:P i wish the weather was like this now :( x
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Anonymous said...

they look like sea glasses or rocks!

Andy Athan said...

Thank you Tiny!
I really don't know what are they, but I though they were very beautiful, so I took the photo!
I'm planning to go again this weekend or maybe the next one. I hope the weather will be on our site!