Sunday, 1 June 2014

KIN (by Richard Gorman) + Something About Some Thing To Do With Paint (by Susan Connolly) exhibitions @The Mac


Since 9 of May and until 27 June, Richard Gorman exhibits his work "KIN" @The Mac, Belfast.
His Work, it is simple, minimal, but vibrant and colourful. All his paintings have a movement "in the box". The use of the word "box" is because all the paintings are painted on squared canvases or papers. Gorman plays with geometry and colour combinations. He does not try to create a meaningful work, rather he expresses him self and try to occupy himself by doing something he likes. What is interesting, besides the movement of the paintings, is the technique he uses, Gorman spent some time in Japan where he learned the traditional techniques (you can see the video here) and applied it in his work. When you see his work, the curves, the thick lines, the angles carry you away, to go with the flow. Even the simple white circle on black background, negative space, show a movement. To be honest it reminded me of the moon, it was like you could see the moon's movement.
Here are the photos:

Something About Some Thing To Do With Paint

Along with Gorman's exhibition another artist exhibits her work, Susan Connoly.(9 May - 22 Jun)
Again you can see a video with the artist talking about her work  here.

I can't say that her work talks to me, but I really admire the fact that she wants the visitors to be able to see behind the painting! Yes, you have read right, be able to see behind the painting! I think this is amazing, the only way to see an exhibit artwork 360o is if it is a sculpture or a 3D work, but never a painting. But beyond this, I don't find her work interesting enough. Some patterns, layers over layers of paint, and cut outs... Anyway...
here are the photos of her exhibits:

Hope you like it, and if you are around go visit the exhibition.


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