Wednesday, 1 July 2015

One week to London

Chiswick Business Park

Last week I visited a friend in London and I spent a week there. To be honest I don't really like London, it's a big, chaotic, loud city and I prefer something more quite like for example Belfast. We (my friend Athena and I), didn't go out much, we stayed home and had loooong conversations regarding relationships, psychology, self-esteem etc... It was nice and relaxed and I think I needed as mush as she did. We only went out once (or twice I'm not sure) just for light shopping, I needed some summery clothes for my trip to Greece. When I moved to Belfast to be with my partner I didn't bring any summery clothes with me,  the weather here is just amazing not too hot or cold, and thankfully I don't need too summery clothes, but in Greece with the 45 degrees you need to wear almost nothing if you want to survive the heat. Anyways, as you can see from the photo I visited the Chiswick Business Park, which was an hour and and a half away by bus from where I was staying. It happened my friend Cathrine from Athena, to be there for two weeks training! I hadn't seen her since I moved to Belfast more than three years ago! It was a pleasant surprise, the only downfall was that Cathrine had an infection in her eye and I went to the clinic with her, (she is now much better). 
So one day I went to Chiswick Business Park to meet her and we went for coffee and dinner. The important info here is that this Park is an amazing place! There is an artificial lake, with ducks and fishes. There is this waterfall, a bridge, a place for games, green trees everywhere and an amazing architecture! I would love to work in a such place.

In conclusion, it was overall a nice experience, I was with friends and we had a great time! Now next week we are going to Greece, the situation there is horrible. Also I won't take my macbook with me because it's almost dead, my HDD is corrupted, my graphic card (chip) is damaged and it keeps freezing regularly and especially when I moving it. So, I don't know when I'll be able to post anything  new but I'll try my best...


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